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Project Description
Tools that make it simpler to access linux computer from Windows. Especially geared towards Fermilab and CERN computing.

This project contains a number of tools that make it simpler to interact with remote Linux boxes from a Windows box. Use cases are tuned for folks that are in High Energy Physics (HEP) - so Fermilab and CERN are two prime examples of this.

Tools included:
- VNC front end that will setup an ssh tunnel, giving you double-click acess to a remote VNC session.
- A shell with ssh and scp that understand kerberos (at least the fermilab version of it).

Current Status:
BUSTED. This project is being migrated from an older version (very old - last update was in XP days). So the source code that is being inserted here won't build until a release is made: I don't want to upload code that I know will be dead code shortly!

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